A or B?

A: LeBron James: This superstar who plays for the Cleveland Caveliers is a veteran with 11 years under his belt. He is 31 years old, and he is a 6 ft 8 small forward. When he was in the Miami Heat, he was #6, but now after rejoining the Cavs, he is #23, a tribute to Michael Jordan. He is best known for driving to the net before burying a layup or dunk.

Pros: Tall, Strong dribble, good shot, good layup, great layup.

Cons: Doesn’t pass frequently, doesn’t have the handles. 😉

B: Jeremy Lin: A young 26 year old point guard for the LA Lakers, who has the recognition of “Linsanity” when he turned around the New York Knicks. He is 6 ft 3 and plays as #17. Has a wicked 3 pointer shot and good passing ability.

Pros: Quick mind, killer shot, strong passes.

Cons: Weak layup, bad dunk.

What do YOU guys think? A or B? I personally think Lebron is better because of experience.


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