The Little Prince Journal: #2

1. The narrator mentions that “If you tell an adult that there is a house that has brick mortar and flower potss, they’ll just give you a shrug. You must tell them, I saw a house on sale for 800 000 dollars. Then they’ll say, “Oh that must be a wonderful house.”

2. It shows us that adults love numbers and don’t like descriptions. Like for example, if you tell an adult you made a new friend, they’ll ask, how old is he, or what’s his/her’s name? They never ask for specific details. It helps us to understand because it tells us that adults don’t want fun things, like descriptions. Instead, they do things they believe are serious, and they don’t have much room for fun.

3. The little prince is a boy that comes from asteroid B612. He has a problem with baobabs on his planet, so he asks the narrator to draw him a sheep to eat the baobab saplings. He also talks about his flower, and how much he wishes he could go back and change things.

4. He says that his home is not much bigger than a house, and that there are baobabs everywhere. On his planet, he can’t procrastinate getting rid of the baobabs or else they’ll spread everywhere. Eventually, they will pierce the planet’s surface and it will explode.


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