The Little Prince Journal: #1

1. Are you ready for the grown-up world?

I am not ready for the adult world because it is hard for me to “have” a deadline, and have a risk of being fired. Also, the responsibilities I might have, (ex: taking care of kids, going to a job) are tremendous, and I don’t want that type of pressure. If I become an adult, it would mean lots and lots of changes. I wouldn o longer be the innocent child I am right now. I am personally fearing any type of big change because I appreciate how things are now and if there was change I probably wouldn’t be ready to adjust.

2. Do you understand grown-ups? Do they understand you? Why or why not?

I don’t really understand grown-ups because I fail to see what is their real intention is something. For example, I was watching my dad on the stock market, and I had no idea why he was doing this and I was really confused what the point was. I don’t understand grown-ups because they are usually serious and they do things that we don’t even know could change our lives. Personally, I don’t think they understand me because whenever I show them something, they never have “time” to look at, or even care what I did. Once, I was playing a game, and a grown-up asked me why I was playing the game. I said that I was playing it for fun. What he said next was astonishing: He said, “Fun? Why fun? Shouldn’t you be working on your assignment? YOu don’t have room for fun because it doesn’t benefit you in any way.”


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