What do I think the lyrics to Safe and Sound mean?

I think my song, Safe and Sound, is about how everybody has their perfect soul mate out there, and as long as you have her/him, everything will be alright. It says “Even in a hurricane of frowns, I know that we’ll be safe and sound.” I think this means that even if other people disapprove or hate you for it, it’ll be worth it because you have each other. If you look at the lyrics themselves, the “story” is being told from a perspective of a guy who is telling his lover that she should be with him, and that if they are together everything will be alright. It also says “Even if we’re six feet underground I know that we’ll be safe and sound.” I think this means that even if they’re dead, they’ll be safe because they have/had each other.


My favorite song

Of all time is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities


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7 foods to avoid:

Everybody knows you should eat healthy, but which foods should you avoid?
Here are 7 foods not to eat:
1. Coleslaw is a big  no-no. even though it looks like a friendly, green, salad,the calories in it are tremendous. Coleslaw also has lots of mayonnaise, which is terrible for your body, and contains lots of fat.
2. Tomato sauce has lots of refined sugars, and can increase the chance of diabetes.
3. Multi-grain products mostly have primary grains in them, which are refined and can make the chance of diabetes and other heart disease shoot up by 141%.
4. Gluten-grains are very bad, as they cause many different diseases. They also purge the tract lining, causing severe pain, and inconsistent bowel-movements.
5. Diet soda may seem better than normal soda, but contain aspartame and doesn’t even taste much better.
6. Sprouts aren’t usually clean, as their supposed growing environment usually does not match up with the conditions they are in.
7. Cream-based salad dressings aren’t ideal. though they pack big and juicy flavours, they could end up having more calories than the salad itself!