What should we be aware of as “21st century learners”

As 21st century learners, we have a lot of freedom. We have social media and other freedoms such as the internet. We can do anything we want, but we should be careful of posting anything you might regret later on, because there is no way you can take it all back, and if somebody reposts your post, it will be out to the world, and everybody will be able to see it. It could also give you a bad track record when you’re trying to get a job, because they can find it, and know what type of person you are. It’s also unwise to not have any social media, because they would not see any good things about you, and they won’t see any reason to hire you. So, we should be aware of what we post, and because we have so much freedom, we need to be careful it doesn’t bring us down later.


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