Continuing the story in The Elevator.

After Martin got in the elevator with the fat lady, she pressed the stop button. Martin was very scared because of how she would always stare at him intensely. He panicked because he thought she was going to kill him, after she pressed the stop button. After a long, uncomfortable pause, the woman said, “Martin…. is that really you?” Martin was scared since he didn’t know her, so he replied, “Ummm… Yes… But how do you know my name?” She says, “Martin…. I’m your mother!”
This scared Martin and also oddly disturbed him. He thought for a moment, and asked, “If you’re my mother, than what is Dad’s name?” She smiled and said, “John Khatchadorian.” Martin finally broke down, crying and saying, “It’s really you! It’s been so long since I’ve last saw you! Where have you been?” The smile vanished off her face and she said,” If you don’t mind…. I’d rather not talk about it.” Martin laughed, and accepted as much. Later, they went back to see Martin’s dad, who had been anxious in waiting because Martin had been in the elevator for a long time. When he saw her wife, the frown on his face was replaced with a genuine, ear to ear grin. “Susie! You’re back! I never dreamed….” said Martin’s father. They all hugged and lived happily ever after.


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