What should I do?

Any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. About?
    If you’re still looking for blogs to visit I’d suggest Don Charisma for inspiration, pictures, quotes, etc.
    I’ve got a host of sites for recipes, fanfiction, books and probably a couple of other things thrown in for interest.
    You can find me on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Instagram (new to this one), fanfiction dot net and a bunch of other places if you want to see who I follow or who follows me.
    You can also use my contact me page and I can send you a bunch of links since 2 or more will send me to the spam folder instead of moderation.


  2. There’s lots you could do 🙂
    I like the colour scheme but the white is a little stark and hurts the eyes but that’s probably me.
    Book reviews, instead of leaving them as simple posts make them into a page, one for each book under the heading of Book reviews or something so your readers can more easily find them in the future.
    The same goes for any interest you do more than the occasional post about
    One thing I have learned is that the simpler the better. Instead of having a drop down menu for each book link them on the Book Review page so the mobile reader can just click on the link to the review since drop down menus don’t work as well on mobile. It also makes a cleaner look.

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      1. You’re welcome. If you want to see what I mean by link them on a page check pretty much any header on my page, except, ironically, Book Reviews :D. I haven’t converted that one yet; it’s still a drop down menu.

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