Who Dunn’it?

Now I do.


I think Norman, Dorothy’s mailman, was the person who wrote the postcards to Dorothy. Norman takes a fatherly interest in the older people on his route which is really creepy. I would understand if you cared about someone, but having a fatherly interest in someone you aren’t related to or have a close connection with is just plain creepy. Also, he rung Dorothy’s doorbell just to tell her that her gnome had been tipped over and that it might have been the Allen boys. That is pretty suspicious to me because I think Norman is just trying to throw Dorothy off by saying it was the Allen boys. Here’s a theory, when the gnome supposedly “walked away”, Norman had actually stolen the gnome and didn’t get caught because he’s the mailman and no one would really notice him going to Dorothy’s house since he could just be delivering a letter…

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