Private Sparklez: Who Dunn’it?

Before we begin, I would like to introduce myself. Private Sparklez of the Detective Squad. World known for cracking the German Enigima code.

If you line up the facts together, it is CLEAR that it was Norman Stannard, the mailman. At the beginning, when Dorothy first purchased the gnome, Norman said it was great spot for a gnome in her garden. The first day, after it was tipped over, Norman deliberately went up to Dorothy’s door to say it was the Allen boys, and he made a point to put it back up. I think he was trying to gain Dorothy’s trust so he could kill her later. Why would somebody SAY that your gnome got knocked over? Why not just put it back up? Later, when Dorothy went to the Allen boys’ mother, she said they weren’t even in town! Now this shows that he is obviously lying. Later, the gnome disappears, and that’s when she started receiving the postcards. The postcards were all signed, Mr. Gnome. The first one was from Calgary. Norman also told Dorothy he would GIVE the letters directly to her, but how did he KNOW there’d be more? Dorothy made Norman read one, and he spoke in a monotone. It may not be important right NOW, but later on it will. So it was probably Norman who sent the letters. Several more postcards came, each from different places. The last postcard stated that the gnome was very scik, and would die. However, gnomes aren’t alive! Then, one morning, Dorothy recieved a telegram, and this is where the monotone comes in, from a man, who sounded faintly bored. The same tone Norman used to speak to Dorothy! Later that morning Dorothy’s friend Norah had found an ambulance leaving her house, and Norman was there. He said that Dorothy was dead, and had another postcard in his hand. Norman said she found Dorothy lying on the floor, and that he broke the window to give her mouth-to-mouth, but he could have easily broke the window to rush in and kill her! Norah asked Norman for his name and address so she could contact him after she told the police, and that’s when it hit her. Norman’s writing was the EXACT same as the postcards! The postcard Norman was holding said, “Beautiful spot! Returning for a few days, then head back to Sydney.” THe dates of this and the first were the same, so it was Norman saying that the gnome was in a beautiful spot! These are the facts, and this is my conclusion to this grueling and sad case. I bid farewell to Dorothy on behalf of the Police Department.


2 thoughts on “Private Sparklez: Who Dunn’it?

  1. Dear Alex,

    Wow, you did a really great job of compiling what you believed to be all of the evidence and I really enjoyed the whimsical style in which you wrote this. One suggestion I need to make is that you separate ideas into their own paragraphs. The evidence that goes together and is related should be in one paragraph.


    Mr. Kozak


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