What should we be aware of as “21st century learners”

As 21st century learners, we have a lot of freedom. We have social media and other freedoms such as the internet. We can do anything we want, but we should be careful of posting anything you might regret later on, because there is no way you can take it all back, and if somebody reposts your post, it will be out to the world, and everybody will be able to see it. It could also give you a bad track record when you’re trying to get a job, because they can find it, and know what type of person you are. It’s also unwise to not have any social media, because they would not see any good things about you, and they won’t see any reason to hire you. So, we should be aware of what we post, and because we have so much freedom, we need to be careful it doesn’t bring us down later.


Continuing the story in The Elevator.

After Martin got in the elevator with the fat lady, she pressed the stop button. Martin was very scared because of how she would always stare at him intensely. He panicked because he thought she was going to kill him, after she pressed the stop button. After a long, uncomfortable pause, the woman said, “Martin…. is that really you?” Martin was scared since he didn’t know her, so he replied, “Ummm… Yes… But how do you know my name?” She says, “Martin…. I’m your mother!”
This scared Martin and also oddly disturbed him. He thought for a moment, and asked, “If you’re my mother, than what is Dad’s name?” She smiled and said, “John Khatchadorian.” Martin finally broke down, crying and saying, “It’s really you! It’s been so long since I’ve last saw you! Where have you been?” The smile vanished off her face and she said,” If you don’t mind…. I’d rather not talk about it.” Martin laughed, and accepted as much. Later, they went back to see Martin’s dad, who had been anxious in waiting because Martin had been in the elevator for a long time. When he saw her wife, the frown on his face was replaced with a genuine, ear to ear grin. “Susie! You’re back! I never dreamed….” said Martin’s father. They all hugged and lived happily ever after.

Book Reports

Congrats to Sslupskyy


“The Little Match Girl”

Summary- “The Little Match Girl” is about a girl who is very poor who must sell matches on New Year’s Eve, but she can’t go home or her father will beat her because she has not sold any matches. She lights some matches to warm herself and sees amazing visions every time she lit a match. Once she lit some more matches her grandmother appeared the only person who was ever kind to her took the little girl in her hands to god. The next morning the little girl was found frozen to death.

Thoughts Of The Story- I thought the story “The Little Match Girl” was interesting especially when the little girl lit the matches and all these wonderful visions came to life, but when the match burnt out the visions disappeared. What I didn’t like was that the main character, the little girl didn’t…

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What we learned in the Drug Presentation:

I learned that drugs are bad for your brain. They can also have benefits, but they are low compared to the amount of damage it causes to your body. About 2000 people in Canada have a license to use marijuana medically, but that is for special purposes and you should never use too much of and drug, or if you can, just don’t do drugs at all! Drugs are terrible for your brain, as they can disable parts of your brain.