The facts to prepare my multi-paragraph essay on, “Wish you were here.”

In my case, I think it was Norman who murdered Dorothy. The evidence:

After she died and left, he was whistling- Why would you whistle after somebody dies? The handwriting from the letters and Norman’s handwriting are the same. One of the first letters that were sent said, Beautiful spot, returning here before going to back to Sydney, which means that Norman sent this letter to show his enthusiasm for the gnome that Dorothy bought. I think that later on, when Norman started sending the letters to Dorothy that were signed, “Mr. Gnome”, he thought it would break her, and then he could kill her.

For those that don’t know, this book was written by Frank Jones, and is about a woman named Dorothy, who’s a widow, and she purchases a gnome, and later on, get’s creepy letters from “Mr Gnome”. Is it REALLY the gnome, who disappeared, or just the mailman pulling a prank on her? After, Dorothy gets killed. Our assignment is to either continue the story, or tell WHO murdered Dorothy.


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