Book report on folk tale, “Juan verdades: The man who couldn’t tell a lie”.


In this book, don Ignacio, who owns el manzano real, becuase it produces the best apples, struck a deal with his friend, don Arturo, that his foreman, Juan “Verdades” Valdez would not tell a lie. Arturo plots with his daughter, Araceli, and they relentlessly think of ways to make him lie, yet Juan stayed true to his word and never told a lie.


I think this book was very good, and it taught a great lesson to the reader, and was a very clever way to portray each character, and the recurring motifs shown in each person. This book has taught me a lesson, and I intend to do as it is.

Author’s message:

The author’s message in this book is that being honest, always pays in the long run. For example, if you did something wrong and are honest, you will be punished, yes, but if you lie, after they find out, you will be punished more severely.


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