Book Report on Folk tale, ”Anansi the spider”


In this book, Anansi has 6 sons. The first son is called, See Trouble. He could see trouble a long way off. The second son is called Road Builder, He can build roads. The third son is called River Drinker. He can drink a lot of water. The fourth is called Game Skinner, who can peel the skin off of game. The fifth son is called Stone Thrower. He can throw stones. The last son is called cushion. He is very soft. In the story, Anansi wanders off, only to be swallowed by a fish! the sons work together to save their father, and a God gives to them as a present the Moon.


I thought that this book was a very creative idea, and it was a smart way to tell how the Moon got into the sky. It was somewhat strange however, but that is not a big factor. The book itself teaches the need to work together.

The Author’s message:

The author’s message in this book is to work together with each other, to share with one another. I think because it repeatedly states that the sons work together and share the gift of the Moon.


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