Debate #2

Steve Jobs?

Or Bill Gates? Let’s begin the debate.

It can be argued that Steve Jobs pioneered the most revolutionary computer at the time of the Apple ll’s release. However, he was not a good engineer and mainly relied on Steve Wozniak to create the circuit boards. Bill Gates, on the other hand, stole the Macintosh’s interface after John Scully, then CEO of Apple in 1985, struck a surrender deal to increase sales. This was after Jobs was ousted of Apple mainly for his hygiene and poor behavior. Bill Gates created a lasting company, but he was a businessperson, not one that creates great products, which Jobs was. The revolutionary Apple ll demonstrated some of Xerox’s “window clipping ability.” The Apple ll is the 3rd most sold computer, behind the Microsoft’s, and the iMac.

Bill Gates was very good at creating a good idea and putting it into action, and so was Jobs. Persistency eventually made the Windows interface win out. Jobs had a very good weapon up his sleeve, however, the reality distortion field. As Corning Glass CEO Wendell Weeks recalled, “He pushed us to make a glass that was never made before so that the iPhone would ship in time.

Personally, I think Steve Jobs was the greatest CEO of all companies, but that’s just MY opinion. What about you? Tell me in the comments.


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