What do you do when you see someone get bullied? Do you ignore it? Sure, you feel bad for it, but are you brave enough to interfere?

What do you do when you see somebody hurting inside? You go up to him/her, talk it out, and help them? Or do you stay in your shell and feel empathy for them? It takes a lot of courage to go up and help them.

This is the poem I made.

When someone gets hurt,

What do you do?

You look, see, and stare,

But do you act, too?

The courage inside,

Is fighting for control,

But your body says no,

It weakens your soul,

That this, is happening,

Right in front of you,

As you look at the victim,

You try to stay true,

That you’d help out,

And lend a hand.

To those who need it most,

The ones who are hurt, every day,

You feel for them,

But do you stay quiet,

Or do you help and make a difference?


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