The debate.

Social Media?

Or not? This is my debate.

I think social media is a good way to meet new people, to make friends. However, there are always those trolls, or cyberbullies out there that get amusement from making other people feel bad. Social Media was better earlier on, when “trolling” or cyberbullying wasn’t people’s focuses. Although I agree that social media is a good way to bring people together, it poses a threat to people who get tricked, lured, into bad situations. And after all, interacting with people in reality, not cyberspace, is a good thing to do instead of looking down at your phone. Trolls, or bullies, are one of the reasons so many teenagers, and people in general, suicide every year. They are embarrassed to the point that they would end their own life just to spare themselves of the humiliation. But we can’t NOT have social media, either. It poses a good way to communicate and meet new friends.

This is the debate. What do YOU think? Reply down in the comments.


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