Have you thought of this before?

Any old act of kindness, can change a person’s life. That one compliment you gave today, might just make somebody’s tomorrow, look a  lot brighter. One little act of kindness, understanding, passion, will give people the drive to make somebody else’s day better. Give to the homeless, we always say, but why are there still so many? Why after years, Gregor Robertson’s vow to keep the homeless count down, is still JUST a vow? Why isn’t it happening for real? Because some of us don’t care. People who have nothing, MEAN nothing to others. But this is not how Earth is supposed to be like. We should have peace, unity, not wars. All those people, the ones with the most money and power, are the most likely to be corrupt. MONEY, is taking over our world. While I agree money does preserve SOME balance, it has also filled people with the evil they didn’t have before. Money, is what all people need, unfortunately, in this new society. Why do we oh so desperately want this, flimsy, sheet of plastic, or paper, if you don’t live in Canada. When you have enough, and then you get MORE, that is the tipping point into corruption.


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