A Happy Never and Ever After…

Such a great ending to the story!

Tsomo's life

Prince’s Point of view

That night I tried not to fall asleep, but the fabric’s texture on the pillow forbid me from remaining awake. Although I knew that my beautiful love would run away again, the gods I pray she doesn’t vanish forever…

Princess’s Point Of View

I truly love the prince, how his hair flows through the wind, how kind and caring he is, but I shall not be with him. I was just about to be queen, a mother i think, i always wanted a daughter named “Rapunzel”. My friends have been cursed and… they have vanished from this world. I never saw them after they got chosen to be the wife of a prince. I just don’t want to lose someone I love again! I ran as fast as i could until i felt myself fall  somewhere, i knew wasn’t home, suddenly everything went blank.

Prince’s Point…

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