My ending to, Mr.Broad, Mr.Long, and Mr.Sharpeye.

(Wizard POV)

Arghhh. That prince and his three fools are clever! However, tonight I have something much more smart planned… I shall turn the princess to the king! That way I will be able to kill both of them if he loses!


The prince awakes only to find that the princess is once again, gone. He summons his servants, but notices something. Where is Mr.Sharpeye? They looked all over the castle, only to find that he had been turned to stone. Oh no! What will the prince and the remaining two heroes do?

(Wizard POV)

Haha! While those idiots were asleep, I turned the one with amazing eyesight to stone! There’s no way they’ll find the princess NOW! Today’s the day… The day we truly see who is the better man, me, or that puny prince!

(Narrator POV)

As day slowly creeps in, the prince is feeling a huge sense of dread. He wasn’t able to find the princess. What can he do now? As Mr.Long and Mr.Broad still remain, they ensure him that they still have a chance. However, at that moment, the wizard walks in. This is it. The final battle. As the prince draws his sword, the wizard fires his spell. The prince barely making it in time. Mr.Long and Mr.Broad attack with their own attacks, but to no avail. All of a sudden, the prince prepares a last charge. This is the deciding factor between life and death for him. His sword sweeps across the wizard’s robe, barely missing. The wizard backs up, trying to use his spell, but he is restrained by Mr.Long and Mr.Broad. The prince swings his sword one last time. What will happen? Who knows? Will the prince or the wizard prevail?


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