is the illuminati real or fake?

Even after massive arguments and debates, the question still remains. Is the Illuminati real or fake?

Reasons to support it is real: All the celebrities suggest the Illuminati as part of society. The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt, on May, 1st, 1776. The Illuminati could not have possibly done anything at the time, considering they were still just a small group in Bavaria. However, 1776 is the year the American Revolution. The Order of the Illuminati was terminated in 1785 by the new ruler of Bavaria. There is evidence that MAYBE, the Illuminati has survived the attack and has been behind all the celebrity’s rise to fame. It is said they are the ones who started Al-Quaida, 9/11, and so on. At the time, the Illuminati was no more than Weishaupt himself, and 5 students. There are certain author’s who argue that the Bavarian Illuminati HAS survived and is the driving force behind all the disasters, which is linked to their “plan” for a New World Order. And you might say that if you type into the search bar, it brings you to the NSA website. However, this is just a prank by Mr. John Fenly who lives in Utah.

These are the facts. Decide for yourself. Is the Illuminati REAL?


6 thoughts on “is the illuminati real or fake?

  1. If they’re real, they’re worse than the mafia. I wanna be famous but I have no acting or vocal skills, so I don’t know how they could help me. Not really One to join groups, so I reckon I’d never make the cut.

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