Can any bloggers out there please reply

To any bloggers out there: Please give me your URL, or comment, because I want to follow you. I feel that ANY blog should have viewers every day! (Unless I already follow you)


6 thoughts on “Can any bloggers out there please reply

  1. Weehiyeu!

    Light blue heels, not spikes, but wide-heeled, butt-shaping
    sandals stroll below a woman with Kyung Jung’s hairdo.
    Where is Kyung Jung now? In Paris, Alex, Raleigh, Schnurr?
    This family, three daughters within six years, could be my
    brother, eight years ago, both parents tired, looking everywhere
    but at each other. Today’s sadness is short, vivid, bubbling
    up from a bad day with a caddy, bad memories, bad timing,
    and this book, slap-dash, not acceptable, not funny, digging in to
    marriage, spirituality, pulling 100-hour weeks to try to exist in a
    place that will not accept me no matter where I stand. Counterweight
    comes when young ladies model, wise ladies tease, short lady put
    hair up into pigtails to play youngster, attempting to “cute” her way
    into a grade. Later you find out her English is shaky, analysis flawed
    logic unavailable, proclaiming herself prettiest, but nowhere near it.
    Unabashed freshman exudes the youth-dominated sexual revolution
    that openly threatens centuries of Confucianism. Her parents may have
    broken the rules themselves, but, as a tiny closet minority. Plastered pink-
    shirted princesses vomit, get pulled to taxis crying for their lives, amazed
    about alcohol poisoning, blowing off Monday, still bent by Friday. Here
    the gents don’t take advantage of this, still pure, or too drunk themselves.



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