Reflection on doing iqbal movie.

For those of you that don’t know, I was in a movie by Tsomo about Iqbal, which is my project. This is my reflection on the movie and how I felt. The actors are, Tsomo; mistress, Ethan; Hussain Khan, Ken; Eshan Khan and child labourer, Hermona; Police officer and child labourer, Jody; Fatima, Erika; Maria, and Moi; Iqbal.

I was happy on getting a part in the movie, and to have Tsomo as a director. (Tsomo, you’re welcome ;D.) The movie was a success and fun to film, even though they had to put up with me laughing because I’m not a very good actor. XD I thought it was a great learning experience to be in a movie with better actors/actresses than me. I think that next time we film a movie, I will have a better idea of what to do. On being Iqbal in the movie, I felt VERY nervous and wondered when Tsomo decided to have me be Iqbal (Tsomo you know what I mean hopefully ;l). After we started doing the first couple scenes, I personally thought we wouldn’t make it. After all, when we were filming on Saturday, Ethan didn’t show up. However, we managed to pull it together and make the movie. At one point, Tsomo even thought of making it a trailer instead, but we talked her out of it. It was mainly on Friday that we made it happen.

After we made the movie, I look back at it as a great preformance and idea. Thanksto Tsomo on my part. ;P These are my thoughts on the movie. What are yours? Give me your blog below so I can read it and follow you!

-Alex; Iqbal, and professional noscoper.


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