Iqbal: A Novel



There are many messages in “Iqbal: A Novel”, but I believe the true author’s message is that an act of bravery or kindness can change someone’s life. When Iqbal cut up the beautiful Blue Bakhara, it was an act of bravery that somehow gave the child laborers some power and made Hussain Khan fear them. Another example is when Iqbal was sent to the Tomb for cutting up the Blue Bakhara and the child slaves secretly visited Iqbal each night and brought him food and water. This shows bravery and kindness because if they were caught sneaking food and water to Iqbal in the middle of the night, they would’ve been severely punished. Also, since almost nobody paid attention to Maria, she took advantage of the fact that she was ignored and created a stunning carpet with a white kite on it. Creating the carpet shows that Maria is rebellious…

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