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“Constructive” Criticism – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Great ideas, Don!

Don Charisma

Couple of years or so I’ve been doing this blog. I’ve answered 10000s of comments here, and many more conversations elsewhere on other blogs.

So whilst I wouldn’t say I’ve seen everything, I’ve seen a lot of the social side of blogging.


In the main bloggers here on WordPress are the salt of the earth. I am, and continue to be overwhelmed by the positive communications and people I’ve had the privilege to interact with here. It’s a far superior place to be than Facebook et al, in my opinion. But I do accept people have their own personal preferences about where they like to “hang out” – each to their own.

ADD to that plenty of contrast with other real and virtual social networks. I’ve blogged recently about a young man who asked my advice about the pessimistic/sceptical people he worked with. My advice, be positive in you yourself…

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