Healthy Life with Preet Marwaha


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When Mr. Preet Marwaha spoke about healthy living it was very inspiring because he told us that he was very ill and almost died 2 times, but he was a fighter so he figured out the problem himself. The thing that touched my heart was when he spoke about how money can’t buy you happiness, how without health you basically can’t get anything in life. Mr. Preet’s doctor didn’t know why he was ill, luckily he had very supportive friends and family. The thing that made me think was when Mr. Preet said that you should drink 12 of water a day. I say that because sometimes I don’t even drink one cup a day 😛 ( i know you do to so don’t judge 🙂 ) I thought how that would affect me in life. Mr. Preet I find him very inspiring. He was ill, almost died 2 times…

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