my bonded labour assignment.

I think that Maria’s ability to read is important because it is an important game-changer. In the story, Iqbal brings back a poster talking about the Bonded Labour Liberation Front. Salman says, “but brother, nobody here knows how to read.” This all changed when Maria gained the courage to speak up and tell them that she could read. If she hadn’t been able to read, the group would have never known what the poster said, and therefore couldn’t have known about the Front. If I didn’t know how to read, it would be extremely frustrating and I would be unhappy, when everyone else can read and I can’t. If I was one of the child labourers, to me, having nobody that can read would erase my hope altogether. This is because if none of us could read, I would feel hopeless and annoyed. I would be bewildered and would probably be very, very frustrated. Also, being able to read means having a way of communication without having to meet the person you want to talk to. for example, people who use e-mail, Edmodo, or even me writing this assignment right now! If you can read, you usually can also write, and that means you can have a voice in the world. You could write a letter to Government about what you want to change, talk to a friend, and interact with other people. This is my idea on why Maria’s ability to read is so important.


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