Bonded labour liberation front

Great ideas.


Marias literacy/ability to read is VERY VERY important for the story because it will help the kids in the carpet factory(including Maria) a whole lot since its a step to a huge change,that huge change is finally being free from working however many hours a day expecting that your family’s dept is being erased when it actually isn’t. Also it’s important because then they will finally get to find out what that flyer says that Iqbal got when he was in the city, especially since Iqbal got that from a child labor fighter/someone standing up for childrens rights. My ability to read is also pretty important to me because I practically like use it everyday since in math(or any subject actually) you usually need to read the question first to answer the problem. For the world literacy/being able to read makes someone have a voice because it comes really handy…

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