Stone soup

We learned from the soup that we must all work together and contribute our gifts to society and to our “soup” (classroom. We also learned that sharing is an important process in life, and even when you were small, in kindergarten and you shared a toy truck, that’s still sharing and is caring. If we all contribute to the soup, the soup tastes better because we all gave and contributed and shared. Like when we saw the video about the Lollipop Moments, just a little bit of sharing and lending a hand can change someone’s life. For the people who didn’t bring ingredients, this is an example of sharing. the soup also showed me that everybody has their own gifts to offer, and even if you have not discovered it yet, you will find it someday. We are all, in a way, ingredients to the soup, which could be our classroom, Canada, or even the Earth. Each little bit of good that’s done, you could change lives forever! Who knows? Maybe you will change somebody’s life! 🙂


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