Lollipop moment

Good job.

Samia right


A lollipop moment i had was when one day i was feeling really upset because i see that mostly everyone around me has a talent…. my cousin and my “big sis” has an amazing voice, one of my friend is flippin’ great at drawing, there are other ones that can dance. So basically i felt really jealous and down since i noticed that I don’t have a talent…/don’t know what it is yet. So one of my bestest friend( (; ya know who you are) told me”Manelle, don’t feel bad…. you’re just as special as anyone that has a talent…. Maybe you just don’t know it yet, but you do have one..” LOL okay so maybe she didn’t say all those things…but she did make me realize that you definitely need patience. So thank you so much to the person that tole me that…. She shall remain anon though…(; ahaha

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