Person i want to be

The person I want to be is Steve Jobs. I want to be him because I like his steely resolve and even though some things seemed impossible, he found a way to get his colleagues at Apple to be able to do it. Also, even though he was struck with cancer by 2007, he was still trying to work as hard as he could, to continue to make great products. He was involved in Pixar, Apple, and NeXt, who later merged with Apple. Steve Jobs has a special sort of attitude that I kind of respect, and he has been and is, my idol. I think that he was an amazing man, and he changed the world when he created Apple along with Steve Wozniak. Even though he would sometimes be viewed as a tyrant, or a crazy person, his passion was to make great products, and I respect that. Some of his colleagues would describe it impossible to work with him, and that is true. However, his drive for creating amazing things such as the Ipod, the iphone, is what matters most. he is my idol. Who is yours? Give me a link in the comments.


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