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13 thoughts on “Awesome!

  1. As the ham rose ben hen bamed a ham lamb chop with soup of ham pop fop look at the yello gool man something that my mom likes to eat man woman ham bam ram. I bamed the ham as the bob flob mob flew into the sky and ate the prime minister, haming bam ram khel routs arount his head and forcing him think a fam that mamed his ham ben rose cow man sam ram. The ham started hamming bam as kelp pop raged across ham world. When the bam ram the second wanted to flam bam the ham, the hams brother bam the gam ken ham yem khel pam, tamed the wam to submition. He sain mam bam vaAM Jam gild an hkdi fam des fas toas fo top wop top mop!!!!!!!!
    The end.

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