I remember when I was 5, I was happily dancing a jive, Rudolph taught me how, but alas, he became a cow.



Healthy Life with Preet Marwaha


Tsomo's life

When Mr. Preet Marwaha spoke about healthy living it was very inspiring because he told us that he was very ill and almost died 2 times, but he was a fighter so he figured out the problem himself. The thing that touched my heart was when he spoke about how money can’t buy you happiness, how without health you basically can’t get anything in life. Mr. Preet’s doctor didn’t know why he was ill, luckily he had very supportive friends and family. The thing that made me think was when Mr. Preet said that you should drink 12 of water a day. I say that because sometimes I don’t even drink one cup a day 😛 ( i know you do to so don’t judge 🙂 ) I thought how that would affect me in life. Mr. Preet I find him very inspiring. He was ill, almost died 2 times…

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Healthy life assignment.

After Preet came to our class to speak, it touched my heart that he was an example of how eating healthy can change your life. When he talked about him almost dying twice because he didn’t know about healthy eating. After his own incident, he decided to change other people’s lives to help THEM be a better eater, and ensuring a healthy community. It made me think when he talked about all the advertisement people, and how you are actually SUPPOSED to eat to be healthy. I always thought that “carbohydrates” in breads and other foods were real carbs. I will now be more conscious about my eating and drinking habits. I will eat more fruits and vegetables that have real carbs, and try to drink lots of water. This experience has been very beneficial, and I want to say thank you to Preet for coming and telling us.




My tribe name is the ‘Binoos’ and it includes Jody(Secretary),Alex(Scientist),Ken(Culture attaché),Ethan(Military person,idk what it’s called lol),Charity(Foreign/Internal affair), and Moi(Internal/Foreign Affair)

I’m pretty sure i got the roles wrong , correct me if I’m wrong pls!:))

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Bonded Labour Liberation Front…


Tsomo's life

Maria’s ability to read is VERY important in the novel because Maria is the only one in the factory who is educated with literacy. Maria, not only can read, but she can understand these weird symbols that lead to success, they now have a little more hope. They now have someone to teach them how to read and write, reading is a basic need you need in the world because everything is expressed with words. Reading helps me with everything… When I want to know what’s happening in world to when I want to snuggle with a good book. When I didn’t understand an assignment, reading helped me get some idea’s from my classmates  (Who are amazing ❤ 🙂 ) blogs. Literacy is everything to me, it allows ANYONE to have a voice in the world by helping you discover, create, and express yourself. Literacy allowed me to discover my creativity…

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