Archie Bunker homework

I think that the author’s message is that everyone does things differently. In the story, the two men argue about what order to put their shoes on in. They have different ideas, and they eventually agree on a sort of compromise. I think that it means that every student does things differently and the lesson is that you should accept people for who they are, and not make them change. This affects the teacher because the teacher and student work differently, so the student and the teacher both have to come to a compromise on how the teacher should teach. This is what I think the video was about. What about you? Post your link in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Archie Bunker homework

  1. Dear Alex,

    That is a good observation and as a teacher I try to give students the right and ability to do things a different way, sometimes it is hard to remember this and everyone needs reminders!


    Mr. Kozak


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