A or B?

A: LeBron James: This superstar who plays for the Cleveland Caveliers is a veteran with 11 years under his belt. He is 31 years old, and he is a 6 ft 8 small forward. When he was in the Miami Heat, he was #6, but now after rejoining the Cavs, he is #23, a tribute to Michael Jordan. He is best known for driving to the net before burying a layup or dunk.

Pros: Tall, Strong dribble, good shot, good layup, great layup.

Cons: Doesn’t pass frequently, doesn’t have the handles. 😉

B: Jeremy Lin: A young 26 year old point guard for the LA Lakers, who has the recognition of “Linsanity” when he turned around the New York Knicks. He is 6 ft 3 and plays as #17. Has a wicked 3 pointer shot and good passing ability.

Pros: Quick mind, killer shot, strong passes.

Cons: Weak layup, bad dunk.

What do YOU guys think? A or B? I personally think Lebron is better because of experience.

Random Rhymes idk

Lemme just begin by saying you’re the worst, It’s so sad, you’re so bad, Now you think you’re cursed. You got no rhymes, no time, ye can’t even touch me. What’s gonna happen next, just wait and see. You’re sweatin, you’re lettin, the worst of you has come, it’s too bad, you’re just a tad, bit more salty, so just sit back and wait for me to finish this, with my swag ego, just to make you mad.

The Litlle Prince Journal: #3

The little princes flower was proud, yet she had a reason to be. She was in fact very beautiful and the time she took to prepare herself was astonishing: she just wanted to be perfect. The flower wasn’t very modest, but she had the right tonot be because she loved being praised, or being told how pretty she was. Seymor’s “flower” (Or whatever it really is) is anything but pretty, and needs to be fed with blood, which is just creepy. The little prince’s flower only needs a little water. Also, it is evident that the little prince’s flower has so much more manners than Seymor’s flower. For example, Seymor’s flower yells, “Feed me, feed me, feed me!!” Wheras the little prince’s flower politely asks for a little water.

The Little Prince Journal: #2

1. The narrator mentions that “If you tell an adult that there is a house that has brick mortar and flower potss, they’ll just give you a shrug. You must tell them, I saw a house on sale for 800 000 dollars. Then they’ll say, “Oh that must be a wonderful house.”

2. It shows us that adults love numbers and don’t like descriptions. Like for example, if you tell an adult you made a new friend, they’ll ask, how old is he, or what’s his/her’s name? They never ask for specific details. It helps us to understand because it tells us that adults don’t want fun things, like descriptions. Instead, they do things they believe are serious, and they don’t have much room for fun.

3. The little prince is a boy that comes from asteroid B612. He has a problem with baobabs on his planet, so he asks the narrator to draw him a sheep to eat the baobab saplings. He also talks about his flower, and how much he wishes he could go back and change things.

4. He says that his home is not much bigger than a house, and that there are baobabs everywhere. On his planet, he can’t procrastinate getting rid of the baobabs or else they’ll spread everywhere. Eventually, they will pierce the planet’s surface and it will explode.

The Little Prince Journal: #1

1. Are you ready for the grown-up world?

I am not ready for the adult world because it is hard for me to “have” a deadline, and have a risk of being fired. Also, the responsibilities I might have, (ex: taking care of kids, going to a job) are tremendous, and I don’t want that type of pressure. If I become an adult, it would mean lots and lots of changes. I wouldn o longer be the innocent child I am right now. I am personally fearing any type of big change because I appreciate how things are now and if there was change I probably wouldn’t be ready to adjust.

2. Do you understand grown-ups? Do they understand you? Why or why not?

I don’t really understand grown-ups because I fail to see what is their real intention is something. For example, I was watching my dad on the stock market, and I had no idea why he was doing this and I was really confused what the point was. I don’t understand grown-ups because they are usually serious and they do things that we don’t even know could change our lives. Personally, I don’t think they understand me because whenever I show them something, they never have “time” to look at, or even care what I did. Once, I was playing a game, and a grown-up asked me why I was playing the game. I said that I was playing it for fun. What he said next was astonishing: He said, “Fun? Why fun? Shouldn’t you be working on your assignment? YOu don’t have room for fun because it doesn’t benefit you in any way.”